Reading all the painful and scary times over and over again was so difficult

I sent in the final draft of my book to be edited! That was the week of July 11th. 2018.  The last two weeks of writing and reading the story from cover to cover really surprised me.. The last chapter was about my dad’s death. Plus, going over the rest of the book so we could cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s was overwhelming.

Reading all the painful and scary times over and over again was so difficult. I was drinking a bit too much and knew it would pass.  After learning from Moderation Management and being a leader on and off for over 12 years, I knew I would get myself back to drinking responsibly. Although after my publisher finish’s editing, I have to read the book cover to cover, again. I am hoping it won’t be as hard as before.
I suppose because during my childhood, with all the trauma, I was detached from my feelings, and that’s when I promised myself I would write my story. This happens to many children that go through very frightening and overwhelming situations. I have healed myself, and I have learned to feel my feelings, so boy, was this surprising how writing my story affected me.
My dad past 4 years ago, and I started writing back then. I stopped for a year because my first ghostwriter and agent where not looking out for me. I was heartbroken, then, last April, 2017, I found Liz. So as they say…the rest is history! With all that being said, I am so happy how my memoir has turned out. I am proud of this book.
Anyone thinking of writing? Or gone through some of their own hellish times? Let me know.
I will write soon again…
Be well all!