About Romola Hodas

I was born in Queens, New York in the late 50’s and raised on Long Island in the Five Towns. As the eldest of four children I protected my siblings from my  brilliant, bipolar mother and Times Square’s notorious “King of the Peep Show,” pornographer father “Marty” Martin Hodas. I have survived and thrived after my violent, chaotic, and unpredictable childhood, which I write about in detail in The Princess of 42nd Street: Surviving My Childhood as the Daughter of Times Square’s King of Porn.

I pursued a BA in psychology at C. W. Post and have completed numerous health and wellness practitioner programs throughout my career. My mission is simple: escape mediocrity, claim greatness in spite of my difficulties, and turn my obstacles into gifts. As an accomplished and diversified entrepreneur and businesswoman I have significant experience in public relations, marketing, advertising, human resources, community affairs, energy work, and much more. I have developed and led corporate training programs and health awareness seminars for corporate staffs and other organizations.

For more than twenty years, I have owned and operated Harmony Marketing, selling products to, and helping to grow, the natural food industry. I was one of the industry’s first women to own her own business as a broker. Today I divide my time between Long Island, New York, and Boynton Beach, Florida, where I am building my new business, “Creating Harmony,” working as a consultant, healer, and public speaker. 

The Princess of 42nd Street is my first book.