How many times have you woken up and said to yourself: What happened last night? Are we in an argument? My head is killing me, I will never do this again! Do I really have to go to work today?

12 years ago I decided to do something about my drinking. I was running a business in the Natural Food Industry from my office in New York City. The pressure of being one of the first women on the East Coast to do this was huge. The corporate meetings, keeping manufacturers happy, teaching sales reps and being responsible for close to 180 stores was overwhelming. Never mind the boys club it was! At the end of the day, I turned to Pinot Noir or Martinis.

After a few years of head aches, low energy and sometimes depression, I decided to do something about my drinking.. AA was not a fit for me. I am not an alcoholic. There are many more “Problem Drinkers” than are alcoholics. I knew if I had tools and support, I could enjoy the gift of indulging in a favorite drink or two with friends or my partner. 

Learning to have a responsible and loving relationship with alcohol has changed my life and I am here to teach you how to do the same. Business woman have their own issues with drinking. Not only are we running a business, or working in a high pressured career, many of use are taking care of homes and children. Some of us doing that without a partner.

After years of helping women, I found out many of them had a hard time getting away from the office or where traveling. Also, many wanted their privacy and did not want to talk in groups. I started to offer my coaching on the internet.


My program, Creating Harmony will help you be in control of your drinking. It will help you sleep better, have more energy and feel proud of yourself. You will make better choices, and still have the gift of enjoying your favorite cocktails with family and friends.

 Each of us has our own relationship with alcohol and I am here to help you find yours. We work on breaking the habit cycle. I do this with patiences, love, compassion, and teach you the same approach. Our inner conversations are the key to our happiness.

Those women that live near me in Florida, I combine TREW Trauma Release Energy work to add to your health. Science proves that releasing built up stress allows for better circulation and nutrients to be sent throughout your body. The positive effects on our psyche are also life changing.

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